[Melody] : I like a lot of them but Arcanine is definitly my favorite.

Forgotten memory

[Melody] : Huh … Well … It’s not the kind of thing you can forget … It’s rare that the first thing you see when you wake up is a gigantic nose. I don’t know how that guy managed to get here, I remember absolutely NOTHING about that night. I think I don’t even want to know to be honest.


[A/N : For Neo's mod because he fell on me while I was on Skype :U I tried to color it like Greys but I kinda failed. Sorry if his clothes look weird but … here ya go.]

Just Steve …. In steve-vision

[A/N : I know, I know, I draw him a lot in that style … But the thing is that I really enjoy to draw him, as much as Mel’. I know it seems unfinished but actually I’ll not touch anything, or else I would ruin everything. I have no idea about a pose and I love how everything turned out (especially the coloring, seriously I never did something who actually looks not that bad !) , why would I add more things ? ]

27 days before final day

[Melody] : Seriously, I don’t need any present or anything. A “happy birthday” will be enough and that’s it. It’s just about being one year older, it’s not a big deal … It doesn’t mean that I despize people who are more festive than me about that kind of things, it’s just that I don’t like to act like this day is very special.


Anonyme asked: What program you use to make your pics?

[A/N : I suggest you to go check the FAQ. :) ]



melodys-misadventures said: ( I still ship Manody x Man Alex :U )





Anonyme asked: An, i know a program you can use: Camtasia Studio 8, its a screen recorder and haves a video editor too, it accepts gifs, it can make videos to gifs or gifs to videos, you can have multiple audios, even captions and pics... You can have it free for 30 days but when that ends just deinstall it and reinstall it.

[A/N : It sounds cool ! I’ll try to see if I can make something with this. Thank you very much bro ! ;D

I’m planning to do a little something, I don’t know how long it will take but I’ll try to do it. ]

You made Melody cry

[A/N : I wanted to do a short animation with sounds in the first place but it appeared that Windows movie maker won’t let me do it because it doesn’t accept gifs. :/ Yeah I know this software really suck but I don’t have any FREE software who would let me do animations.Of course that gif will look too small, but you can have a larger version here.

Also she’s crying because she’s drunk and somebody stole the last french frie. Really dramatic I know. ]

Artist refuses

[A/N : How dare you think I’m a pet or a simple character you peasants I’m a majestic eagle, remember this

I don’t hang out with my baby she has to live her life, she admits my existence in the rare moments when I break the fourth wall but otherwise I’m not supposed to exist ‘k she don’t knows me and I’ll never be her pet because I’m technically her mommy ( I created her after all :U ) and children should respect their mother

Also I’m a girl thank you]