((Pt. 4 now with 5 coming soon (but probably tomorrow).

Featured here are:

Ian | (I have no idea what his name is) | Drake | Melody
Ranwe | Dugong | Ethio | Jekia
Endro | Mikado | Amanita | Shady
Tams | Emcor | Eve | Jens

You all should definitely check out these guys and gals. Wonderfully awesome they are~~))

» Check it out! :D Ranwë got drawn with awesome people! THanks, bro. He looks awesome. o uo «

[A/N : Oh my Notch thank you it looks awesome :DD Mel’ hanging out with the crew like a baws ]


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[Melody] : No but seriously look at them

Welcome back

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A few months later …

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[A/N : Why hello there. Guess I’m … Back ? Well I have still things which are keeping me busy, but oh well. Anyway, I was really surprised to see I still have that much followers after all that time, I’m really touched … Also, I’m even more happy to see there is still some of my favorite mineblogs which are still alive ! :D

Let’s talk about the interesting stuff. I’ll keep answering asks of course, but you must know that some time have passed … And so it did in Minecraft !

Melody has been travelling that whole time, and now she’s … kinda lost actually. I won’t say much more. ]



I finished cleaning the blog and shit, but uh reading back at my first few posts made me realize that Nilla has changed way too much from what I originally had her out to be and I really do not like that. I mean they way she is now kinda made me not want to update and shit, and it’s kinda depressing and I do want to continue dicking around on this blog with my friends and shit. So I kinda decided to, I guess in a way reset the blog a bit but I’m still going to keep a few of her relationships with some people. Namely Riki, Shou, Zion, NeighbroPeeps, and I guess Melody even though shes kinda like dead right now. And I’m also going to give Nilla back her orinigal look. Yeah that’s right mother fucking Olllllldddddddd School Nilla’s baccckkk But everything else I really just want it to like go awayyyyyy

But um the thing I mostly want to get rid of is her thing for Endermen. They just leave a really bad taste in my mouth now. like gross man
 And I don’t know, i just really want to restart this shit man

I also want want to thank you guys for dealing with all my bullshit.

I kinda wanted to draw a few asks but my body is just hurting all over, and I really do want to go die in my bed right now so I’ll get on this tomorrow or something. I also went through messages and got rid of a lot of ask, I went from 86 to 30something

K I love you all bye



[Melody] : I’m not dead dear I’m just hiding in your hair so my fans can’t find me

Thanks by the way 


[A/N : I know I’m not really active … I just need to take a break before my inspiration comes back. I’m not motivated enough to post something right now.

It doesn’t mean I forget the blog or that I’ll abandon it. Take this as a hiatus … See ya guys soon. :) ]



[[A/N: Real life is kicking my ass at the moment. But in a good way. I’m working 40-50 hours a week at my new job. Good news: I have more hours than most people in this country get at work, and that means I can pay rent with relative ease. I am very grateful to finally have a permanent job.

Bad news: I am exhausted, horribly depressed for no reason (nothing to worry about, it happens to me a lot), and writing humor is the last thing I can make myself do.

That’s where I’m at. PLEASE stop sending me messages like “WHERE ARE YOU?” “WHY AREN’T YOU UPDATING?” “WHERE IS ENDERBRO?”

Some of you are genuinely concerned and I appreciate that, but others have been downright rude. Don’t be a little shit, please.


[A/N Really guys ? REALLY ? She already explained I don’t know how many times why she isn’t updating, leave her alone for fuck sake … =^= 

Sorry, I needed to say this here. I’m tired to see people harassing her for selfish reasons.]

Da box

[Melody] : I’m bored.

[A/N : Sorry guys, finals are being mean with me. T~T ]

Desu stuff

[Melody] : Also, my kokoro is doki doki ♥

I need help

[A/N : Since almost a week my tablet is being a huge derp : the pen pressure doesn’t work. I tried to re-install the wacoom bamboo thing, it worked for a day and now the problem is back again. Do you guys have any tips or something that could help me ? :/ ]